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StarFire LoupGarou Gratia Plena (Gracie)
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This website is about Gracie, a Toy Fox Terrier, who is also known to her friends as "The Grand Duchess Wigglebutt, " and "Madame Floozie" for the way she wiggles her butt when happy and takes all her tee-shirts off one shoulder.

My Favorites

Favorite food: Any raw meat and bones, feta cheese, lebni and "sidewalk escargot"
Favorite Toys:  My  Mickey Mouse, who goes everywhere with me, my favorite playmate, Tigger, and all my other Disney toys.

My Hobbies

I went to school and earned my AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy. I love. love, love to play ball and chase birds. I like to collect stuffed animal toys that are almost as big as I am.

Most Admired

I love my human mamas and my special canine mamas, mama Holly and mama Ming. I also admire my Grandpere Beau and my Papa Drew who taught me that toys and balls are lots of fun.  I mustn't forget my BFF and personal protection Mastiff.

Gracie's News and Updates:
5/31/11: I've been a very naughty terrier this past week while mama's been away. At first I had lots and lots of fun and people paying attention to me. But they went home everyone was feeling sick.  A friend that I met when I was younger came over with some food.  She tried to help separate me when I attacked my mama Ming (another story *sigh*) and I bit her twice.  I think I am in big T R O U B L E!!!
I am going to be two years old the 26th of this month (June 2011)!  And I'm going to be spayed whatever that is. 
Well, I was off to what my humans are calling Boarding School last night.  My trainer thought it s so funny seeing me being chauffered up in a van with my "tower," my bed, my blanket, my food, and most importantly, my Mickey.  I'll miss my Mama and family but they told me this was important so I can learn to not bite and be a good Toy Fox Terrier.
August, 2011  When my trainer took me to my vet for my pre-training exam he found that I have some very serious problems that were causing me a lot of pain.  I went to two other vets when I was younger and they didn't find anything. So, I'm glad I found a good vet.
  I had to be on several courses of antibiotics trying to clear out an infection and make me helathy enough for surgery.  I had the surgery last week and am spending a lot of time at the vet hospital while they try and get my white blood cell count down. 
 Sometimes I come home for a few days when the vet is very busy and can't give me enough attention.  I can't be with my mama because I get too excited when I see her and have to stay very very quiet so I can get well.
For the past few months I've been a very sick little girl and have spent a lot of time at the hospital getting chemotherapy and being nursed through infections. I absolutely love, love, love my vet.  He even makes sure I have my Mickey (Mouse) whenever I have to be in the hospital. 

Lately I've been spending a lot of time playing on the beach.  My new ambition in life is to catch a sea gullMy personal protection Mastiff diligently watches over me and keeps me safe.

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